When the sun shines and the wind subsides, get outside!


I love the Deschutes River Trail in Winter. My favorite section starts at Pioneer Park and wanders past First Street Rapids, Sawyer Park, and Archie Briggs, through to canyon overlooks where you can see the Riley Ranch Nature Preserve. Continue through grasses and neighborhoods to the trail’s end, which you can’t miss. Pass around the gate and ride down a short driveway to Putnam. From there follow Putnam uphill to Mt. Washington Drive.


This time of year expect to see decorations on trees. Well wishes and ornaments are common.

Ride Considerately

The stretch from Pioneer Park to the canyon overlooks has moderate traffic, mostly on foot. Be courteous and mindful of walkers and dog friends. Thereafter you will likely have the trail to yourself.


Everyone loves Maston in the winter as the trail remains in good condition. Some would say it’s the best time of year to ride there. Nevertheless, I encourage you to return when the flowers bloom.

Any time of year the mountain views are spectacular.

As always, enjoy!

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