Our Story

Our affair with eBikes began in 2014 when we purchased comfort cruisers from Let It Ride, our local Pedego dealer. We visit Let It Ride on most First Friday’s. If you’ve never experienced an eBike, check out Pedego. Owner Kevin is a great tour guide.

As makers, naturally we started to experiment with eBikes on our own. And thus began High Lakes eBikes LLC.

Keith F. Kongslie

Co-owner, designer, installer, test driver

Builder, fine woodworker, astronomer, inventor, and outdoorsman. Senior Systems Engineer, retired, Rockwell Collins.

Beverly A. Michaelis

Co-owner, administrator, test driver, shop assistant

Biker, hiker, kayaker, gardener, and cook. Practice management attorney, Oregon Law Practice Management LLC and OSB Professional Liability Fund.

AnnaBelle T. Cat

Shop supervisor, sidekick

Mischievous tabby who enjoys the occasional outing.

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