Pretty in black with metallic accents, that’s our Goldie! Gold leaf seat post clamp, gold-tipped handlebars, and gold bell. This Marin Sausalito made for a perfect eBike conversion.

Speeds of 30+ mph. Mileage range 40+ miles on a single charge, depending on rider, terrain, and throttle use.

Pedal assist and throttle-powered. 52 volt battery, 17Ah, 1300 watt motor, 160 Nm torque. BBS02 mid-drive motor. Programmable for top speed and all power levels.


  • All new Marin frame and aluminum fork
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Riser handlebars
  • 700C x 38 tires
  • Extra large display
  • All new California eBike power group set


Detachable front basket with handle, gold leaf seatpost clamp, bell, mirror, reflectors, and kickstand.

Best of all!

We have perfected the removable battery, so Goldie is a lightweight! Without the battery: 35 pounds. With the battery: 43 pounds. Compare this to the lightest bike sold by Rad at 64 pounds… You can actually lift Goldie onto your bike rack!