This was a fun DIY co-building project with a young customer who has unbridled enthusiasm for eBikes.

Starting with a well-used Trek, our first goal was to improve the basic integrity, strength, and safety of the bike. This entailed:

  • Disassembling the old drive train
  • Cleaning, filing, and grinding parts
  • Replacing a defective suspension fork with a strong, fixed steel fork (the electric blue of the Red, White, and Electric Blue Bike)
  • Installing a safer hydraulic brake system with a compatible quick-release front tire/wheel assembly
  • Swapping out a child’s seat with a more appropriate adult seat provided by the owner
  • Adding a bell, mirror, and kickstand

Safety reflectors are also a must and coming soon.

So how did it turn out?

Pretty nifty, in our humble opinion.

Young riders

Working with Mom and Dad, we programmed a limited top-speed setting. Using a Luna Wolf Pup battery ensures good performance with a reasonable mileage range for a young rider.

Learn more

Read about this project on our blog, A Different Kind of Build and Red, White, and Electric Blue.

Aren’t we all just kids at heart?