REI Co-op Becomes Sporty, Fast Street Bike

How do you transform a mountain bike into a 26+ inch street-fast, BMX style ride?

This latest eBike build is a complete makeover from top to bottom, featuring:

  • Fast-rolling Maxxis Hookworm (MH) street tires
  • BMX tall handle bars for upright pedaling
  • Suspension seatpost
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • California eBike power group set, w/ long-range battery, throttle, pedal assist, and mid-drive motor.
  • Programmable controller – 750 Watt Class 3
  • Color display 
  • Speeds of 30+ mph
  • Mileage range 35-40+ depending on rider, terrain, and throttle use

This bike went from small to adult using the MH tires, tall suspension seatpost, and BMX stand up handlebars.

The extra tall front fork guarantees room for the big battery, mounted on the frame underside. Comfort is king during high speed runs over rough pavement or gravel with our suspension seatpost. 

Another highly maneuverable bike that turns on a dime with much-needed extras: rear view mirror, bell, and kickstand.


We were so happy to sell this eBike to a nice couple in Sunriver! Before it rolled out the door, we customized it with the following:

  • Comfort cruiser seat
  • Bipedal kickstand
  • Generous front basket – thanks Sunnyside Sports!
  • Custom painted basket supports
  • Pedals without spikes
  • Front headlight
  • Rear Headlight

These swap-outs and additions were made in 24 hours. The original suspension seatpost was a $200 upgrade. We changed it out for our customers as a matter of preference, but it also saved them on the purchase price.