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  • Meet Our Spokesdog
    Meet our furry friend and neighbor, Charlie! As official spokesdog, Charlie endorses the Blue Cruiser featured below. Charlie says: Keith and Beverly build great bikes! I first met the blue cruiser on the West Bend trail before it was electrified. (Hey, that’s a big word for a dog!) As a Westie, I’m particular, but it was love at first sight. Check out all the details here. You can own this sweet ride for $1600.
  • Consideration
    We want everyone to enjoy bike riding. Maybe you’re slow. Or fast. Sharing trails with walkers or approaching a rider on horseback. It doesn’t matter. Please. Consider the following: Smile. If you’re not enjoying yourself, why are you riding? Be Bend. People here are pretty darn nice. We all have our bad days or moments. Try to be forgiving of that. Patience is your friend. Keep your eyes and ears open. Cars and other riders are known to appear suddenly. Remember you are not an island. You may want to pass another biker or someone on foot, but wanting to…

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  • It’s Spring! (Almost)
    Time to get out your bike and hit the road. With temps warming up the next few days, consider riding all or part of the Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway. One of our favorites! It’s hard to beat the mountain views, although the farms and animals on Tyler Road are the best part of the ride in my mind. When you arrive at the Tumalo Reservoir portion of the loop, consider popping over to the historic bridge. It’s too early for wildflowers, so plan on coming back in May and June. With an electric bike this road trip can start at…

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  • Riding the DRT
    When the sun shines and the wind subsides, get outside! DRT I love the Deschutes River Trail in Winter. My favorite section starts at Pioneer Park and wanders past First Street Rapids, Sawyer Park, and Archie Briggs, through to canyon overlooks where you can see the Riley Ranch Nature Preserve. Continue through grasses and neighborhoods to the trail’s end, which you can’t miss. Pass around the gate and ride down a short driveway to Putnam. From there follow Putnam uphill to Mt. Washington Drive. December This time of year expect to see decorations on trees. Well wishes and ornaments are…

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