• Crafting for Habitat
    One of our favorite organizations is the Bend-Redmond chapter of Habitat for Humanity. We enjoy building items and donating them to Habitat to be raffled off to families. Usually our builds are practical – a dining room table, game table, or rolling island. This season we decided to craft rustic wood Christmas trees. They are a work in progress. We encourage you to find a cause, person, place, or organization and get involved. Thinking about an eBike for Christmas? Give us a ring – sooner rather than later, as backorders and shipping delays continue. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
  • Snacks for the Ride
    Water and snacks are two mainstays of any bike ride. Among our favorites? Nutrition bars and trail mix, of course. Still, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut. If you’re craving something different try Diamond Head cantaloupe. I was intrigued. Dried cantaloupe? That was a first for me! And it did not disappoint. What a great alternative to raisins and cranberries! I found this jewel in our local Food4Less, but Diamond Head is everywhere. If you like candy, nuts, trail mix, or fruit you’ve probably bought Diamond Head. Don’t feel like running to the store? Order directly from Nature’s…

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  • Need a Brake Light?
    No problem. Available on Amazon, meet the the G Keni Smart Bike Tail Light. Now a standard install on our builds. A lot to love This petite addition fits neatly under your saddle and is packed with features: Eye catching LED light 4 modes (slow flash, flicker, steady, ultra bright) Brake sensing USB rechargeable Auto on/off sensor Waterproof Easy to install The basic version retails at $21.99 (coupon applied). Anti-Theft alarm For $3 more, G Keni also offers its brake-sensing tail light with an anti-theft alarm. Pros: 120 decibel anti-theft alarm Remote activation and deactivation Includes wireless electric horn to…

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  • Riding is My Life
    We love building for friends and neighbors. When a customer is both? Wow! What a bonus! Read all about the Sunday Funday bike here.
  • Lose 20 Pounds with a Custom eBike!
    Do you have an eBike that you don’t ride? Is it too heavy to pedal without electric assist? Do you experience flats? Broken spokes? Can you load your bike on a rack? If you fall and your bike lands on you, can you lift it off without help? Heavy bikes are a drag Unfortunately, bargain eBikes sold by well-known retailers tend to be heavy. Often hovering in the 60-70+ pound range. The culprit is a combination of the design and rear hub motor. Ironically the same bikes with heavy hubs can also have thin tires. (Don’t be fooled if you…

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