• New Year – New eBike! Check Out the Sassy Sausalito
    Goldie – Alias the “Sassy Sausalito” Pretty in black with metallic accents. Gold leaf seat post clamp, gold-tipped handlebars, and gold bell. Speed and Range Speeds of 30+ mph. Mileage range 35-40+ miles on a single charge, depending on rider, terrain, and throttle use. Power Pedal assist and throttle-powered. 52 volt battery, 17Ah, 1300 watt motor, 160 Nm torque. BBS02 mid-drive motor. Programmable for top speed and all power levels.  Particulars All new Marin frame and aluminum fork Hydraulic disc brakes Riser handlebars 700C x 38 tires All new California eBike power group set  Marin lifetime warranty applies. Limited warranty on electrical components via High Lakes eBikes LLC/California…

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  • Riding the DRT
    When the sun shines and the wind subsides, get outside! DRT I love the Deschutes River Trail in Winter. My favorite section starts at Pioneer Park and wanders past First Street Rapids, Sawyer Park, and Archie Briggs, through to canyon overlooks where you can see the Riley Ranch Nature Preserve. Continue through grasses and neighborhoods to the trail’s end, which you can’t miss. Pass around the gate and ride down a short driveway to Putnam. From there follow Putnam uphill to Mt. Washington Drive. December This time of year expect to see decorations on trees. Well wishes and ornaments are…

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  • Miles of All-Season eBike Paradise
    Have you met the Madras Trails? If not, you’re missing out. Mountain views, juniper forests, a few whoop-de-dos, and rabbitbrush. Oh, did I mention the Valley of the Bones? This map will give you an overview. As COTA points out, this is an excellent winter trail and we concur. We scouted it after heavy rains in the area and there was little-to-no evidence of path degradation. Runoff crossed the trail in one spot up in the junipers but left soils intact. What to Expect Open sight lines Packed soil Modest elevation gains Berms here and there Intersecting horse trails Opportunities…

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  • The Right Tire for the Ride
    Whether it’s extra cushioning, surviving potholes, or “rolling flat,” upgrading your tires can make a big difference. Comfort and Safety The wide diameter 650bx2.3 inch Nimbus sport tires installed on Lil Squeezy provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on paved or dirt roads. Combined with a spring suspension seatpost and pressure-relieving Body Geometry saddle, you’ll never want to get off your bike! We love this description from Specialized because every bit of it is true. Nimbus sport tires + suspension seatpost + Body Geometry saddle = One comfy ride. Fast…

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  • For Sale: BMX Roll Sport Elite eBike
    Don’t kick yourself for missing out on our latest build. Get out and enjoy our beautiful, crisp fall weather on a new Roll Sport Elite – California eBike. You’ll be glad you did. Road, dirt, gravel – this bike eats it all up. Get all the deets here. $2200 – cash, debit, credit, Zelle, Apple, and Google Pay options available.