• The Right Tire for the Ride
    Whether it’s extra cushioning, surviving potholes, or “rolling flat,” upgrading your tires can make a big difference. Comfort and Safety The wide diameter 650bx2.3 inch Nimbus sport tires installed on Lil Squeezy provide excellent traction, stability, and cushioning, which creates a safer, more reliable, and more comfortable ride on paved or dirt roads. Combined with a spring suspension seatpost and pressure-relieving Body Geometry saddle, you’ll never want to get off your bike! We love this description from Specialized because every bit of it is true. Nimbus sport tires + suspension seatpost + Body Geometry saddle = One comfy ride. Fast…

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  • For Sale: BMX Roll Sport Elite eBike
    Don’t kick yourself for missing out on our latest build. Get out and enjoy our beautiful, crisp fall weather on a new Roll Sport Elite – California eBike. You’ll be glad you did. Road, dirt, gravel – this bike eats it all up. Get all the deets here. $2200 – cash, debit, credit, Zelle, Apple, and Google Pay options available.
  • Our Favorite Bell
    Available in 7 colors and right-hand/left-hand styles, it looks good on any ride. Our standard install bell is the Accmor available on Amazon. If you like a classic style with a clear, crisp ring, it’s a great bargain. Check out this review on The Drive.
  • Red, White, and Electric Blue
    The Red, White, and Electric Blue project is moving ahead. In this second phase, we worked together to install several key items: Rear tire and wheel Shifter cable Battery Motor Chain Display Kickstand We also adjusted the back brake. Test Fitting If you’ve ever built anything, then you know a big part of construction is test fitting. Parts are installed, then removed, before they become a permanent part of the bike. It’s important not to fear this process, although it can be disconcerting at first glance! Stay tuned for further updates from our build team.
  • A Different Kind of Build
    Kids love eBikes too. One way to encourage their enthusiasm is to involve them in the build. This ride is a work in progress. It illustrates all the prep that goes into a build before we even think about adding power. While it may not seem so, we’ve already made significant changes to what we’re calling the Red, White, and Electric Blue bike: Disassembled old drive train Started the cleaning process Installed a custom-painted riser handlebar Replaced a defective suspension fork with a strong, fixed steel fork (the electric blue of the Red, White, and Electric Blue Bike) Installed a…

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