How Much Does an eBike Conversion Cost?

The cost of converting your bike depends on the options you choose and any repairs or upgrades needed to get your ride going.

  • We will always give you a precise bid before any work begins.
  • You decide whether to go forward with the conversion.
  • We will work with you to select the best set-up for you and your bike.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and online payments through Zelle and Venmo

Where Do Your Kits Come From?

We are an authorized California eBikes dealer and also work with Luna Cycle. Both offer a wide variety of displays, controllers, motors, and battery configurations.

In our experience, their parts are superior in performance, reliability, and ease of use.

How Long Will My Motor Last?

Here’s a photo of co-owner Keith servicing the motor on his mountain bike after 1000 dusty miles of riding. 

What’s Up With Your Motto?

Go Farther

There is no doubt that an eBike can take you farther. With pedal assist, you are in complete control. Get as much exercise as you want and save your battery for the trip home. Or augment your own pedal power as needed over steep or difficult terrain instead of turning back.

Go Better

Once you start riding an eBike, you’ll never go back. It’s truly freedom on wheels. Just give it a try!

Go Green

High Lakes eBikes LLC upcycles. In a nutshell, that’s what the eBike conversion process is – taking what you already own and making it better. Nothing goes to waste.

We recycle cardboard and packaging through Cascade Disposal and look to local resources like GearFix to find previously loved parts in top condition.

Our Luna Cycle and California eBike green battery packs are made of authentic Grade A cells with state-of-the-art management systems for safety and efficiency.

Carbon Footprint

eBikes can help you achieve a reduction in your carbon footprint and it’s a form of transportation that does not release dangerous chemicals into the air like a car or bus. The batteries are easily recycled and their health benefits place less burden on the health-care system.

Why a Mid-Drive Motor?

There are two ways to motorize your bike – using a mid-drive motor integrated into the pedal assembly (our approach) or placing the motor in the wheel hub.

As part of our journey, we tested many eBikes. There are some cool looking hub-driven models. Comparing the two, our opinion is that hub-driven eBikes are not as powerful or comfortable as our rides.


Our bikes are more powerful because we have access to superior parts from our suppliers. Top speeds in the 30s and ranges of 30-40 miles are doable.


On average, motors add about 8 pounds to the weight of your bike.

When your motor rides in the hub, the added weight in the rear wheel means you feel every imperfection in the road or trail.

Mid-drive motors place the weight under the rider, aligned with your center of gravity. When your wheel rolls over rough terrain you won’t feel any additional impact.

If you are considering an eBike for health reasons, especially back or spine issues, minimizing or eliminating added thwacks and bumps is key.

After all, riding an eBike should put a smile on your face. We are happy to enhance your comfort even more with the right grips and seat. Just ask!

Want to Know More?

Ask the shop supervisor.