We converted this Trek Dialed on spec and enjoyed every minute of riding it.

Why convert a small bike?

Bikes with small frames offer a lot of advantages. They turn on a dime and are lightweight, even with a battery and motor. Kids can ride BMX/trick style, or, as in this conversion, the offset post and cruiser-style seat was perfect for an adult.

Kids and safety

Outfitted with a Luna Wolf Pup battery, the Trek Dialed has a range of 15-20 miles. Perfect for around town, but less than an off-the-rack eBike. A preferred way to go for kiddos if you want control over how far they can travel on a charge.

As with all our bikes, we can program the controller and the throttle to limit top-level speed. If you change your mind later, we can easily do a reset at no charge. If you prefer not to attach the throttle, it can be removed in a jiffy. Kiddos will love their eBike. Parents can rest assured they are safe.

We build for everyone

Thoughtful design is one way to accommodate a variety of riders. It’s all about whether the bike is a fit for you. If it is, go for it!