eBike conversions use what you already own – a road bike, mountain bike, or cruiser – and make it better by adding a motor. When you pedal, the motor assists you by providing power. Or simply press on the throttle to give yourself some “extra go.”

A World of Possibilities

Converting your existing bike will expand your universe:

  • Run errands in the fresh air.
  • Conquer your neighborhood hill with ease.
  • Accelerate safely through intersections using your throttle.
  • Explore the outdoors.
  • Use pedal assist when you need a boost.
  • Work those legs when you don’t!
With run-flat tires this road bike can go out into the wild. The battery rides in the trailer.


Riding an eBike is freeing. With a battery life that supports rides up to 40 miles, you can pretty much go where you want without the hassle of loading your bike on a car rack.

Bad knees or other health limitations? Converting to an eBike may be the difference between riding or not.

Where’s the battery? Hiding under the handlebars on this men’s Specialized mountain bike.

Customized Just for You

Each bike conversion is a unique project. Batteries can ride under the handlebars, on a back rack, in your bike frame, or in a trailer. Motors are always mid-drive and part of the pedal assembly.

A Specialized Crossroads with the battery mounted on the back rack.

Digital displays are typically mounted in the center of your handlebars. We place the selector, which controls power, pedal assist, and other eBike settings, near a handgrip.

Want to add a mirror, reflector, light, new grips, custom seat, bell, basket, or something else? No problem! We’re happy to install any part ordered or provided by our customers.

What we don’t do is chop up your ride. We attach batteries, motors, displays, and selectors without physically damaging any part of your bike. No drilling, no cutting, no screws. Your bike can be converted back to its pre-electric state at any time.

Spec Bikes

Occasionally we buy new or used bikes and convert them on spec. The Specialized Roll and Trek Dialed are two examples. Check our For Sale page for current offerings.

You love your bike. Love it even more by converting it.
Go farther, go better, go green with High Lakes eBikes LLC.