It’s Spring! (Almost)

Time to get out your bike and hit the road.

With temps warming up the next few days, consider riding all or part of the Twin Bridges Scenic Bikeway. One of our favorites!

It’s hard to beat the mountain views, although the farms and animals on Tyler Road are the best part of the ride in my mind.

When you arrive at the Tumalo Reservoir portion of the loop, consider popping over to the historic bridge.

It’s too early for wildflowers, so plan on coming back in May and June.

With an electric bike this road trip can start at home.

From our front door – or to be precise, the garage – we head out Mt. Washington, ride down Archie Briggs, then aim toward Tumalo State Park, then up Tumalo Reservoir Road. You can cross Highway 20 and go to Tumalo or not. Either way, no bike rack, no car.