We want everyone to enjoy bike riding.

Maybe you’re slow. Or fast. Sharing trails with walkers or approaching a rider on horseback. It doesn’t matter. Please. Consider the following:

  • Smile. If you’re not enjoying yourself, why are you riding?
  • Be Bend. People here are pretty darn nice. We all have our bad days or moments. Try to be forgiving of that. Patience is your friend.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open. Cars and other riders are known to appear suddenly.
  • Remember you are not an island. You may want to pass another biker or someone on foot, but wanting to and actually doing it are two different things. Take a beat to consider your move before you make it. Is there sufficient room? Could you startle the person you want to pass? What lies ahead on the trail? Do you have the right of way?
  • Avoid dust storms. Whether you’re visiting or living here, you are no doubt familiar with our fine and persistent dust. Give a wide berth when passing and slow down.

Furry Friends

I love dogs. Bend loves dogs. I like most fuzzy critters.

Please, please be thoughtful when riding around our furry friends. Take your cues from the owner and slow way down. A “good dog” compliment doesn’t hurt!