• For Sale: BMX Roll Sport Elite eBike
    Don’t kick yourself for missing out on our latest build. Get out and enjoy our beautiful, crisp fall weather on a new Roll Sport Elite – California eBike. You’ll be glad you did. Road, dirt, gravel – this bike eats it all up. Get all the deets here. $2200 – cash, debit, credit, Zelle, Apple, and Google Pay options available.
  • Our Favorite Bell
    Available in 7 colors and right-hand/left-hand styles, it looks good on any ride. Our standard install bell is the Accmor available on Amazon. If you like a classic style with a clear, crisp ring, it’s a great bargain. Check out this review on The Drive.
  • Red, White, and Electric Blue
    The Red, White, and Electric Blue project is moving ahead. In this second phase, we worked together to install several key items: Rear tire and wheel Shifter cable Battery Motor Chain Display Kickstand We also adjusted the back brake. Test Fitting If you’ve ever built anything, then you know a big part of construction is test fitting. Parts are installed, then removed, before they become a permanent part of the bike. It’s important not to fear this process, although it can be disconcerting at first glance! Stay tuned for further updates from our build team.
  • A Different Kind of Build
    Kids love eBikes too. One way to encourage their enthusiasm is to involve them in the build. This ride is a work in progress. It illustrates all the prep that goes into a build before we even think about adding power. While it may not seem so, we’ve already made significant changes to what we’re calling the Red, White, and Electric Blue bike: Disassembled old drive train Started the cleaning process Installed a custom-painted riser handlebar Replaced a defective suspension fork with a strong, fixed steel fork (the electric blue of the Red, White, and Electric Blue Bike) Installed a…

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  • The Mechanic is in the House
    Bike repairs are inevitable. Ironically they don’t tend to involve eBike components, at least for us. Instead it’s the everyday stuff that drives you batty. In my case, a fixing an old chain. We aren’t a bike repair shop per se, but if you’re a customer of ours we can likely help you. Programming Controller Settings We have the technology to program your eBike controller. If you want us to adjust your throttle speed or your pedal assist settings, just let us know. Two free programming sessions are included in your eBike purchase. Thereafter repair rates apply. Repairs Customer-caused breakage,…

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